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If you require a non 1940's performance & more of a later decade of a general swing & lounge sound then please visit my Corporate Page. This page details my swing & lounge act from decades upto the 1960's. This is tailored especially for corporate events, private ball events, weddings and functions, restaurants and wine bars etc which includes later swing and lounge numbers especially for these occasions - also see my testimonials page!

Please go to the 'downloads' page to see Live footage of Swing Blitz Louis performing at recent 1940's events!

Welcome to Swing Blitz Louis - Britain's number one Professional Vintage Vocalist specialising in 1930's& 1940's swing and jazz for WW2 & Wartime Events, Private Functions including Birthdays & Weddings, Festivals & Corporate Events etc.

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I have performed in a wide variety of settings which have included stateley homes and gardens, country houses, civic buildings, castles and abbeys, museums and galleries, outdoor venues & village halls, fetes & carnivals. I have performed for television production company events and at other media events throughout the UK.

Let me bring back the romantic memories of past times and reminisce to beautiful music of the 1930's & 40's, performed live in their original style with big band sounds. I will truly compliment and capture the magic of your event.

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I have been a Vocalist since the age of 17.I also have a love of the guitar and I currently play and teach the guitar to individuals and groups within schools, colleges and educational centres - Please note: I am not accepting any new pupils for guitar tuition, my timetable is fully booked at present, but thank you and good luck to all who have enquired.

I love the music of the 1930's and 40's and even going back to the 1920's. I wear 1930's and 40's original clothing on most days and even have a 1930's hair style! I thoroughly enjoyed this part of my career. Some time after I was asked to sing at our friend's wedding in France. It was a wonderful occasion, the vintage song's of the 30's and 40's really added to the atmosphere in the chateux. I developed a self contained act for this and was fortunate to gain many bookings from this event then things just snowballed! My reputation as a Swing Vocalist has spread far and wide and I travel widely. I performed in the UK and across Europe at various public and private events and parties.

Amazing swing music venues to visit

Music is not only a form of art, it is an inspiration for generations and the cause of many great things the mankind has done in the past and will do in the future. It can change the whole world as we know it in a matter of days. The classical music was the first type of music that became popular in the world. People didn't just used to listen to it, but also to dance to it. Everyone knows about the waltz. But the first music that really did an impact on the dance scene and made greater masses of people dance was the swing music.

It developed in the early 1930s. Swing music, or simply swing, became popular in the United States and developed a distinctive style by the middle of 1940s. Swing music has a strong rhythm, which is achieved by double basses and drums. But the lead role is played by brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones. That is why people often think it is jazz. Saxophones and clarinets can be also heard as well as string instruments like violin and guitars. The period from 1935 to 1946 is known as the Swing Era. That is when the swing became really popular and took the leading role on the US pop music scene. That is when big bands and bandleaders, such as Benny Goodman introduced the swing to the world. The best-known bandleaders of the Swing Era were Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Woody Herman, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, and Cab Calloway.

Jazz is the today's swing

It is hard to find an authentic swing club where you can enjoy and dance to real swing music. But there are some similar forms of music that do the job just as well and can be heard all over the world. Those are jazz and lounge music, they are danceable and jazz is quite similar to swing. We all know that jazz is the beating heart of New Orleans. Fritzel's is one of those clubs you can find in New Orleans that play only jazz music. It is a cozy German - style beer hall. The Fritzel's live Dixieland jazz goes live onstage every night and never disappoints the people that visit it for the first or even hundredth time.

Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro is also one of the places in New Orleans where you can enjoy jazz music. They don't have live performances that often as the Fritzel's, but you can see and hear whoever is performing live on TV. And we have to say that their burgers and steaks are quite excellent.

There are also a few online places where you can enjoy swing, jazz and lounge music. But beware of the adds that pop out every now and then presenting the whole world of https://www.and6.com/. It is hard to resist their temptation, but one you hear that cool swing and jazz sound you will not be able to stop your body from moving. It doesn't matter if live, on TV or on the internet, swing and jazz will find their way to your hearts and stay there, hopefully, for a long time.